12,000 Zombies Rampage Through Santiago On Largest Zombie Walk Ever

Looking at this footage from Chile’s Zombie Walk which saw nearly 12,000 of the undead unleash their gory havoc throughout Santiago, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Zombie Apocalypse was actually upon us. 

But before you run to the larder to check you’ve got enough tinned foodstuffs or speed out of the garage in your zombie proof vehicle to pick up the rest of your survival team, you can rest assured in the knowledge that these gruesome zombies are just people in fancy dress.

It has been hailed as the largest zombie march that the world has ever seen and you’ve got to give these folks some serious kudos because their zombie getups are seriously impressive. They are even better than some of zombies I’ve seen in big budget horror movies!

I love the zombie couple fighting tooth and nail over an amputated hand, the zipface zombie and the zombie clown. Also the zombie girl at the end of the video with the devilishly red eyes and dark blood spurting from between her teeth is definitely the stuff of nightmares!

Check out Zombie Walk Chile Facebook page for more videos and photos of the event.

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