Introducing Zoe – The Border Collie Who Might Just Have More Moves Than Jagger!


Check out border collie Zoe’s incredibly impressive show reel of tricks and skills! If there was a creature in the canine kingdom that had the moves like Jagger, you would have to say that it’s Zoe! The video showcasing this canine’s crazy skills was uploaded by YouTuber ZolzaBC and filmed by Alicja Zmysłowska using a Canon 7D.

This clever little mutt has managed to master more than 50 different tricks that include somersaults, backflips, spins, peek-a-boos, pawstands, ring toss, hind leg hopping, various different types of snuggles and loads of other amazing dog tricks that I’m sure probably have official names. She even does something that looks a little bit like the equestrian sport dressage!

Without mentioning any names, I can think of a few famous actors that would really struggle to put together such a varied and intriguing show reel! Maybe Zoe should give them some tips!

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