Woz Reveals That He Rejected An Offer To Consult On jOBS Because Script “Was Crap”


Last week Steve Wozniak spoke out about the new Steve Jobs biopic jOBS that stars Ashton Kutcher as the inspirational Apple co-founder and Josh Gad as Woz himself.

Woz said that he felt the opening scene got the relationship and interactions between himself and Jobs “totally wrong” and now he has heaped further criticism on the movie. Woz claimed that he turned down an offer to consult on the movie after reading an early script and feeling that “it was crap.” He instead chose to work on the other Steve Jobs movie from Sony Pictures that was written by Aaron Sorkin.

About jOBS, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday night, Woz said:

“I was approached early on [for JOBS…I read a script as far as I could stomach it and felt it was crap. The Sony people got in contact with me too and in the end I went with them. You can’t do both [films] and be paid.”

It seems as though there may well have been some quite extensive revisions to the jOBS script that Woz was shown and that which ended up being used in the final cut, because in one comment he describes drugs and the fact that one clip featured Jobs offering Woz drugs. Woz states that it didn’t happen like that and that Jobs never offered him drugs or was seen by Woz to be doing drugs. According to the Verge however, this scene which Woz describes does not appear in the version of the movie that they have seen.

Woz is not completely critical of the jOBS biopic and as he has done in the past, he has offered it some commendations. He said: “I still told everyone that I thought the Jobs movie would be a big hit and I looked forward to it. I felt they did a very good job of casting, looking for good actors who could play the roles.”

The Sony Pictures movie that Woz is consulting on focuses on 3 integral moments in Jobs’ life – the original Macintosh, the debut of NeXT and the first iPod. These major events occur in the same time-frame of the entrepreneurs’ life that jOBS looks at, however the approach is very different in each of the movies.

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