The Wacky World Of Sushi Cats!

Check out this bizarre and oddball “Sushi Cats” photo series created by Japanese firm Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts. In the collection, kittehs are placed on a rice tab like a sushi dish and adorned with unusual objects like knitting needles, handbags, lobster and a ping pong bat and ball among others.

The photographs are available to purchase on the Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts website and the Sushi Cats also feature in their own iPhone and Android game apps!

To explain their wacky collection of images, the company has created a video that explains the history of the Sushi Cat (Neko-Sushi) and describes them as an “ancient and mystical creature” whose history is tied in with our own.

Apparently they appear in “gaps” in space to come to us from another dimension, but alas these days, with our fast-paced modern lives, the gaps appear much less frequently so we are less inclined to stumble on this wonderful mystical creature which is said to bring good luck!

The whole cats travelling through gaps thing reminds me of a book I loved called Grimbold’s Other World by Nicholas Stuart Gray. In the novel, the magical cat Grimbold would take advantage of these gaps to travel between the worlds of day and night taking farm hand Muffler with him on a remarkable adventure. It was one of the best books I ever read as a kid and I am seriously intrigued if the creators of the Sushi Cat history were influenced by it!














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