Woman Who Says Fried Chicken Makes Her Orgasm!

Check out this wacky lady appearing on the Steve Harley show to tell the world how much food gets her all worked up sexually.

People confess all sorts of weird and wonderful things on television talk shows, but this one takes the biscuit (pun intended). She brings a whole new meaning to the saying ‘let’s do lunch’ and cream pies suddenly become a somewhat questionable treat too!!
On the show, the woman explains how looking at images of food can get her all hot and bothered and says that if her fella isn’t doing what he’s supposed to, then she fantasies about her very favorite food, Popeye’s Fried Chicken to help her climax. Seriously WTF?

Thankfully she doesn’t elaborate on the nature of her fantasy, like whether she’s eating the food in it and that’s what gets her to the threshold of pleasure, or whether she’s doing other kinky shit with it that I’m really not sure I want to know about!

Freaky as her fantasy may initially seem, this woman is not nearly as wacky as some folk that the internet brings us mind-boggling stories about. I was gonna say that she’d top my list of people to never go to the sex shop with, but then I remembered the Chinese guy who shoved a swamp eel up his rectum and the Swedish woman who was charged for having sex with skeletons.

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