Woman Uses Her Plunger On The Tokyo Subway!

Anyone who has had to use the subway during rush hour will be painfully aware that sometimes it can be difficult finding somewhere to grasp onto so that you don’t end up with your face rammed in a stranger’s stinky armpit every time the train comes to a halt.

To counter this problem, one woman has come up with an ingenious (or crazy) way of keeping her balance – by hanging on to a toilet plunger attached to the ceiling!!

The picture of the mystery woman with her interesting travelling aid appeared online and caused quite a stir amongst Japanese netizens. Some were incredibly impressed with her ingenuity and expressed the opinion that it could become the next fad, whereas others weren’t quite so happy about it, questioning whether the woman would be leaving a trail of poo crumbs on the train ceiling!

I guess a lot of it depends on the plunger’s previous experiences. If it has spent quality time fighting toilet turds, then the whole thing is utterly grim and the woman should probably consult a professional. However, if the thing is new and used only for train ceiling attachment, then it’s a pretty cool idea!

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