Woman Tasered By Police For Trying To Buy Too Many iPhones

A 44-year-old Chinese woman was tasered outside a New Hampshire Apple Store because she was trying to buy too many iPhones.

In this slightly crazy tale, the woman, who claims not to be able to speak English, bought 2 phones on Friday (the store maximum) and returned on Tuesday to buy more that she was allegedly going to send back to her family in China. Apple Stores limit the phones per customer because they have a problem with people buying numerous devices and selling them overseas for inflated prices.

Employees at the Nashua store told her that they were unable to give her any more iPhones and asked to leave, the woman, Xiaojie Li, refused and so the police were called.

According to reports, the woman was hostile and resisted arrest, which is when officers took the decision to taser her.

Apparently, Li allegedly filmed other people in the store buying more than 2 iPhones on Friday. When store employees noticed what she was up to, they asked her to leave and this time, it was said that she complied with their request.

Translating for her mother, Li’s 12-year-old daughter said; “the police took my mom’s phone and tried to take my mom’s bag. And my mom tried to ask them why, and they just threw her to the ground.” Her fiancé John Hugo told reporters that she had been “brutalized by the police.”

Captain Bruce Hansen of the Nashua police department seemed to dispute the woman’s claim that the problem arose because of a language barrier. He said that the decision to taser the woman was being investigated.


There has been some speculation over whether the woman’s English is as bad as she claims it is, as she was obviously fluent enough to have engaged in dialogue with the employees in order to purchase the two phones on Tuesday. It has also been claimed that at the time of her arrest, she was carrying $16,000 in cash.

Li is due to appear in court in January on two misdemeanor charges.

Looking at this petite 44-year-old woman, using a taser to restrain her does seem a little excessive – but you never know, I’ve learnt the hard way never to judge a book by its cover!

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