Woman Rides On Scooter Adorned With Rifles & Skulls Whilst Pet Parrot Flies With Her!

If you thought the guy who liked riding around Madison on a scooter wearing nothing but a thong and a cape was wacky, check out the footage of this woman from Thailand.

The woman’s scooter is oddball enough, adorned with what looks like an actual animal skull and real rifles, but when you see her tearing it up on the tarmac with her little pet parrot flying alongside her before settling down to perch on the handlebars – that really tops it off and takes the whole thing soaring headfirst into bizarro land!

The footage was captured by Mike Swick, who said that it might even be the “strangest thing” he has ever filmed in Thailand and “that’s saying a lot.”

Swick tells his viewers, “You will notice new crazy shit every time you watch it.” I like the fact that she’s got a “don’t fuck with me” look on her face, a baddass, menacing bike and yet has a really cute little pet parrot flying with her!

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