Woman Inadvertently Puts Vagina On eBay Alongside Asos Yellow Skater Dress

NSFW photo after the jump

These days, selling your unwanted items on eBay is a relatively simple task – all you need to do is sign in, snatch a quick photo of the item, enter a short description and hey presto, your done!

However, because the photograph is integral to your chances of getting the price you want for the item, it is important to ensure that you take it well and don’t do it whilst you are in the middle of doing something else important, like looking for your underwear for example!

One UK resident, Aimi Jones, 21, snatched a whole lot more than she bargained for when she took a snapshot of the size 10 yellow skater dress from Asos that she was hoping to sell, inadvertently including a half-naked reflection of herself in the mirror next to the item.
As you may have imagined, it was not long before eBay’s eagle-eyed bargain hunters noticed the bottomless woman in the corner of the image and it soon began trending.


In a small manner of days, the poor woman’s vagina escaped from the sanctity of her bedroom and has been bounced around the world and back with the help of humorous picture trading forums and social media platforms.

It seems as though the woman in question has seen the funny side of her unintentional vagina-fame and has put the item up for sale on eBay for a second time. This time however, she has deliberately captured herself in the mirror next to the item – she is almost bottomless again, but wearing a Nike jacket that just covers up her lady parts.


Currently there has been 130 bids for the item, the highest of which stands at £153,911. It’s probably a huge joke, but you never know, it wouldn’t be the first time that someone has paid a ridiculous amount of money for a random item on eBay!


Source: The Sun

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  • Chelsea

    She DID NOT Post a Photo of Her VAGINA !!! … Her Vagina is The Passage INSIDE of Her. What you can see is Her Pubic Are. Anyway, So What. The Naked Female Body is Beautiful.

    • Chelsea

      Correction to above … Pubic Area and Vulva.

    • justman

      definitely : The Naked Female Body is Beautiful!!!
      yes this is very right , and gives a big pleasure to men to see

  • Appreciated

    Thank goodness she is attractive as well as smooth :-)

  • Fedup

    About Sheniz Raif

    I am, and think I have always been, a writer.

    “hey presto, your done!

    Yeah, more complex grammar does take years though so keep trying…

    • http://www.brucecat.com/ Bruce Cat

      Grammar Nazi much?

  • Ric

    Its not much to look at!!! If she had of been topless then we could see something but there is nothing to see down there in this picture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whei.jean Whei Jean

    she did this for 15 mins of fame! there’s no way that she didn’t see herself in that background before she post that picture.

    • http://www.brucecat.com/ Bruce Cat

      Next thing you know. She’s working for ASOS :)

  • http://twitter.com/jpcacho Josh Cacho

    ahh, ive seen better

  • Willie5571

    Is that a Clean Shave or a Landing Strip ?

  • bob

    thats not really her vagina. her vagina is where I would like to put my face

  • DK

    thx for posting the pic buddy !