Woman Buys $8 Old Nintendo Game At Goodwill That Is Worth $15,000

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then some lucky so-and-so scouring the bargain bin at a local thrift store, swap meet, or Goodwill store will end up spending a few dollars on something that is actually worth thousands of dollars. That’s just what happened to a woman from North Carolina recently, who purchased one of the rarest video games ever sold in the U.S. for $7.99 at her local Goodwill store!

The game the woman had purchased was Stadium Events and she took to Wilder Hamm, the owner of Save Point Video Games in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nintendo’s Stadium Events was one of the first exergaming titles ever. It was only released to a small test market in 1987 and the following year, Nintendo bought the North American rights to its “Family Fun Fitness” matt (later to become the Power Pad). Anything under the “Family Fun Fitness” brand was supposed to have been destroyed and that is why the woman’s copy of Stadium Events is like the holy grail of rare video game finds!

Wilder Hamm explains that normally when people come into the store thinking they’ve got some sort of ancient video game treasure, he tries not to show his hand because people then expect piles of money. However in this situation – he could not hide his excitement and it turns out the woman knew exactly what she had in her possession anyway estimating that the uncommon game was worth between $7,000 and $15,000.

Hamm said that the game, the instructions and the box were in great condition, the box even still had the plastic on it, however that had been slit so the contents could be seen and verified. Hamm estimates though that if the plastic had not been cut, then it would have been worth a whole lot more. Back in 2010, a sealed copy of Stadium Events sold on eBay for an astonishing $41,300!

The Stadium Events game caused a lot of excitement in the Save Point Video Game store, but Hamm unfortunately did not have the money to purchase the game from her himself. He did offer to sell it on consignment for a negotiable fee, however the woman opted to take her rare find to eBay and try to sell it there herself. Hamm asked the woman to take a picture with the rarest game he had ever seen before she left, and said; “I felt honored just to hold it…It’s given people a lot of hope…People say that they never find anything at their Goodwill, well, the holy grail has been found there.”

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