Woman Arrested For DUI Tells Cops She Was Celebrating License Return After Previous DUI!

Erin James, 58, from Brookfield was arrested by police last Friday for driving under the influence after she was spotted speeding by cop in South Harlem Avenue at approximately 2.10am.

The police officer pulled her over and suspected that she might have been under the influence of alcohol and breathalyzer tests confirmed the officer’s suspicions. She was taken into custody and while the DUI charge was being processed she told cops the reason she’d been drinking – to celebrate the end of a previous DUI!! Seriously? *slaps hand against forehead and lets out long sigh*

Some people just won’t learn their lessons!

A Riverside Police statement said that she failed numerous sobriety tests and her breath sample showed an alcohol content of .155 – nearly double the legal limit of .08!

James told police that she’d been drinking to celebrate the fact that she’d be getting her driving privileges back after a DUI arrest and conviction in 2012.

Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel said:

“Ms. James is exactly the type of motorist I want kept off the road permanently under a new proposed habitual DUI law that I will be proposing in the very near future.”

He said she intentionally drove a car that was not her own to avoid the ignition lock device and was on her way back from drinks at a Forest Park bar when she was pulled over.

In a statement Weitzel has said that he will recommend that James loses her driving privileges for 10 years, that her vehicle is confiscated and she serves a mandatory 7-year sentence for repeat offenders!!

Woman, you should have just gotten a damn taxi!!

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