WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Announces Plans To Run For Australian Senate!

Assange extradition case

Despite the fact that he is currently hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and has been there for the last 6 months, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has not been resting on his laurels.
The controversial whistleblower has announced his plan to run for Senate in the 2013 Australian elections!

His mother, Christine Assange has taken to Twitter to show support for her son’s political aspirations.

She has also spoken to Australian news agency AAP about his plans. She told them she thought he would be “awesome” and said;

“In the House of Representatives we get to choose between US lackey party number one and US lackey party number two – between the major parties…So it will be great to ‘Assange’ the Senate for some Aussie oversight.”

Assange, 41, who was born in Australia, skipped out on his bail last June. He was offered asylum by the Ecuadorian Embassy as he seeks to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces allegations of rape and sexual assault. He also fears that he will be extradited to the U.S. because he believes the government wants to punish him for his whistleblowing endeavors with WikiLeaks!

He announced his political aspirations to the public in December, when in an interview with Fairfax media he expressed his desire to establish a WikiLeaks political party to facilitate his election.

He claimed that his political party plans were “significantly advanced” and added that several “very worthy people admired by the Australian public” had pledged their support and said they would stand as candidates alongside him.

The 2013 Australian Senate elections are scheduled to take place on September 14th and there is some confusion as to how Assange plans to take part in them as it is likely that he would be arrested the very moment he steps outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London’s prestigious Knightsbridge area.

WikiLeaks has cited the Australian constitution which states that they would be legally able to vote to replace Assange from a member of his party, if he does not enter the Senate for more than 2 months. They said that should this take place, it would present a “real cracker in Australian politics”!

What do you think? Can you see Assange being elected to the Australian Senate? Leave a comment and let us know.

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