Why Everyone Dislikes Nostradamus And His End of The World Prediction

end of the world

Spoiler alert: I don’t think the world is going to end today.  In fact, I will bet you all of your possessions that the world will still be around by the time Friday December 21st comes to a close.

Through this insanely long build-up experience, however, we have learned some things as a society.

1.  That the majority of people are less intelligent than we had previously assumed them to be, considering that a substantial amount of society’s members believe this pseudo-prophecy.  (Even one person would be one too many, in my mind.)

2.  That people can make the same joke LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF TIMES.

Why do I dislike Nostradamus with the passion of a thousand giant lizards?


Here are just a few of the specific examples:

endofworld tweet

endofworld tweet1

ARE YOU FEELING STRONG, FRIEND?  Make that end of the world joke… one more time.  (Note the Elf reference, as it is the holiday season.)

Also – really, @maxterbate?  Really?  Put a shirt on and change your Twitter handle before prospective colleges look up your name.

Another reason we all dislike Nostradamus – Gangnam Style.  As if I hadn’t gotten enough of the thing after being shown the music video by thirty different enthusiastic friends who thought that they were the first to discover the next “big thing” on the internet.


The person who created this image should also note that it is the “21st,” not the “21th.”

Now I’m being told that the French pseudo-prophet who was bold enough to get my news feed stuffed with senseless garbage is now sending me through another difficult set of tribulations involving the Korean mega star pretending to ride a horse.

Here was the exact prediction:

From the calm morning, the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be nine.

“Calm Morning” apparently is what Korea translates into, and I’m sure you can all relate the dancing horse portion of the prediction to Psy’s slick moves.  ”The number of circles will be nine” is apparently referring to the fact that the video will soon be at 1,000,000,000 views, a number with nine zeroes.

If Earth’s apocalypse were to be initiated by the viewing of a completely ridiculous video, I say that we should let it burn.  What kind of planet has its end dictated by the number of internet slugs who have watched a music video?

More importantly, why is it that members of our society can be fooled into thinking that the world is actually going to end?

Being a spiritual man and a follower of Christ, a concept that many find elusive, I am appalled that there are more people right now on social networks screaming about how Earth is going to explode than there are people saying that putting faith in an astronomer who inadvertently references popular YouTube videos is absolutely ludicrous.

Even if you aren’t an individual of the faith, you should come to the logical conclusion that there is absolutely no way that the world is going to end on Friday.

So, on that note, I will see you every day after today until I am buried under the ground.  (Implying that I am dead, and not that I was crushed by some falling piece of rubble resulting from the apocalypse.)

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