When A Grown Man Cries: Wholphin Competition Where The First Tear Wins

Wholphin’s Brett Hoff decided that he wanted to ‘reduce reality to shows down to their simplest element’ and in order to do this, he organized the crying competition. It is an uncomplicated competition, as the name suggests and it involved him taking 4 contestants to California’s Venice beach, sitting them at a table and seeing which one could cry first.

The men’s attempts to get all teary are filmed and the footage is complimented with voice-overs that detail the kind of thought processes they engage in to get those tear ducts gushing.
These guys must be 4 double-hard, emotionless bastards because they really struggle to get the waterworks flowing – I reckon I could make myself cry in a minute or 2!

It’s not the most action-packed and exciting footage you will ever see, but it really is an interesting insight into the minds of men and their emotions, there is also a brilliant cameo appearance by the show’s producer Emily at the end – where she comes along and shows them all how it’s done!

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