Who Needs Raiden When You’ve Got This Stun Gun/Ninja Sword Hybrid


YouTuber GreekGadgetGuru has worked out how to attach a stun gun to two paired up Ninja swords, meaning that you can not only slice through an attacker, you can also send more than 8 million volts of electricity cursing through their bleeding flesh.

In order to operate the sword, you have to wear a special contact glove, so any assailant trying to disarm you will end up getting a nasty little surprise!

The video explains how he plans on putting his ingenious and incredibly dangerous invention together. Don’t try this at home guys, unless you’re Raiden, in which case, carry on!

We reckon this would be an awesome weapon to have if you were fighting hand-to-hand with zombies. Guns are obviously the first choice, but for when you run out of bullets, this little invention could end up being a lifesaver!

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