“When The Zombies Come” – Ace Hardware Employees In Elaborate Plan For Survival


This short documentary film looks at the elaborate zombie apocalypse survival plan put together by an employee working at a rural ACE Hardware store.

This employee has some controversial and elaborate ideas as to how he plans to survive a plague of the undead. In his mind, the ACE Hardware store will be the last bastion for human survival, with their propane tanks, wonderful array of weapons, satellite to pick up army calls and hot shower facilities; he believes it is an impenetrable fortress!

Another reason that this bored sales assistant believes that the ACE Hardware store is a perfect location to survive a zombie apocalypse is because of the stores that surround it. Nearby he has food, ammo, gas, a pharmacy and a retirement home. He believes the retirement home will provide great shooting practice for newbie zombie-killers, because old people zombies make easy target practice!

He don’t want any “bitches or kids” in his survival camp though because taking care of them reeks of effort! This belief might prove to be his undoing though, because if they truly are the last survivors camp then they are going to have a little bit of trouble repopulating the planet without any females in their company!

The short documentary was directed by Jon Hurst and won the top prize at DragonCon. It also went down a treat at the Sundance Film Festival creating raucous laughter amongst the audience.

However not everyone was a fan of the zombie docu, those in the higher echelons at ACE Hardware were mortified with the opinions expressed by their employees and are trying to get the video taken down. I’m assuming that they were none too pleased with the section where the ringleader went on about wanting to shoot annoying customers in the head!

They posted this message in the comments section on YouTube:


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