Got Time To Kill? Watch This 3.5hr Video Of The World’s Longest Word Read Out!

If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare and are interested in all things linguistic then you might be interested in this video which features a brave (and probably bored) dude reading out the world’s longest word.

In total, the word, which is The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) name of the largest known protein Titin, consists of a whopping 189,819 letters. That is more characters than this entire article! You can see whole word here.

Jeez, I mean I get that the IUPAC peeps are particular types and I’m sure there might be a reason or two why this word is so god damn long – however you’d think they’d be able to shorten it just a little bit. Imagine having to write an essay on that!!

According to the poor soul at io9 who watched it all the way through, it isn’t a single-take video and viewers are warned to look out for what happens to the flowers at 2:09:21. Personally I think life is too short and managed about 27 seconds of the clip before being overwhelmed with boredom and the knowledge that I would never ever get those wasted moments back.

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