Watch The Jurassic Park T-Rex Come To Life

Those of you who remember being both enthralled and terrified when watching the giant T-Rex terrorizing scientists in the 1993 movie Jurassic Park will love this video from Stan Winston Studios that shows exactly how they brought this monstrous creature to life.

When Steven Spielberg approached Stan Winston about building the 20-foot T-Rex, he assumed it would be similar to the creation of the 14-foot alien queen from Aliens. However, Winston explains it was a very different and much more complicated task.
For starters the queen was a fictional creature, the audience had no point of reference from which to mumble “well, that doesn’t look like what it’s supposed to.” As you all know, this is not the case with dinosaurs, whilst we might not see them stomping around in the local park whilst we are walking our dogs, we still have quite a good idea what they are supposed to look like (if the scientists are to be believed anyway).

The other difference was the fact that queen was exoskeletal – so Winston and his team did not have to worry about muscles, flesh and their movements like he would with the T-Rex.

However, even though Winston knew the task would be much more difficult, he was confident it was one he could successfully accomplish and he set about creating the infamous T-Rex that struck fear into the hearts of so many who watched and loved Jurassic Park!

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