Watch Microsoft’s Awesome Live Tile Vid Which Includes A Collapsing Wall & A Rock Band

This awesome little video is part of Microsoft’s advertising campaign for the recently launched Windows 8. It was created by advertising agency McCann Oslo and shows a group of people putting up a ‘live’ Live Tile in a street in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Once the wall is set up and the tile is in place, the camera cuts to the evening and passersby that are intrigued by the rock music coming from behind the wall and are tempted to stand on the ‘Live Tile’.

It they stand on the tile for long enough, the wall collapses down around them, luckily with a little gap in the top cut out in the shape of the tile so as not to crush the music-hungry person. Once the wall has fallen, the exuberant rock concert taking place behind it is revealed to the shocked passerby stood on the tile.

It is no doubt a set up, the people in the clip are obviously actors who know what is going on, there is no way they would be allowed to pull such a stunt with random passersby because it would be too dangerous. Imagine if a wall came hurtling towards you – you would definitely jump one way or another and would probably end up getting crushed by the falling panel.
Regardless – it is an awesome idea and a very cool advert. I wouldn’t mind a couple of these ‘Live Tiles’ going up in my home town, impromptu rock concerts are great!

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