China’s Latest Knock Off – Walnut Nut Replaced With Concrete!! WTF

China is famous for being the land of the knock off, the place of the fabulous fake. You can get all sorts of imitation designer goods that really look like the real thing for a fraction of the price, from handbags and shoes to high-tech electrical goods. Sometimes those fakes are so convincing that some consumers don’t even realize they are buying a knock off, like the poor sod who bought some walnuts from a deceitful street vendor in Zhengzhou city in Henan, only to discover that there was concrete inside!!

Yup, this is taking counterfeiting to a new level of WTF!! The vendor had actually cracked open the walnut’s shell, removed the desirable bit in the middle and put concrete rubble wrapped in paper in it instead. The walnut shell was then glued shut and sold on to an unsuspecting customer!!

STOMPer Ruffnut wrote:“To all travelers to China, please make sure you keep your eyes open to spot potential fakes….To be honest, I think this scam was so unbelievably sneaky no one could have guessed what was in store, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful right? Be wary when shopping in China — you never know what you might get.”

The audacity of this is simply incredible, but it reeks of effort and I have to wonder if it is really worth the hassle? I mean the time it takes to cleanly crack the nuts, take the middle out, replace it with concrete and then glue it back together can’t be worth the tiny amount you would make selling the nut twice, can it?

Photo Credit: Stomp

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