Wallkill Man Charged After Police Say He Faked His Own Kidnapping To Extort Ransom!


A man from Wallkill in Orange County, New York has been charged with the felony grand attempted larceny after police say he faked his own kidnapping in a bid to extort cash from his girlfriend.

Plattekill police Chief Joseph Ryan said that on the 14th January, Mark Rodriguez, 31, went to work in his girlfriend’s car. Later on that day his girlfriend received a call from an unidentified person who informed her that her boyfriend had been kidnapped and she needed to pay $2,000 in ransom or he would be murdered.

The girlfriend received several calls of this nature and sometimes Rodriguez would speak to her. In the calls he told her not to pay the ransom and let him die. Obviously the woman was very concerned and reported the incident to the police.

The calls were traced and then Plattekill police, state police and City of Newburgh police began a search. Rodriguez was discovered sat inside his girlfriend’s car with an accomplice on Broadway in the City of Newburgh.

Plattekill police and U.S. Marshals Service arrested Rodriquez and charged him with attempted grand larceny. One also imagines that he could be charged with wasting police time because it sounds like half the coppers in the state were out looking for this lowlife!

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