Bizarre Wacko Jacko Vintage 1980s Troll Doll Up For Grabs On Etsy

There’s a lot of strange stuff floating about on Etsy and this bizarre Michael Jackson troll doll is another one to add to the collection.

Sporting the creepy trademark glass eyes, a red jacket and moon walking feet, the Wacko Jacko troll doll is being sold by Etsy store elliemayhems for $239/£164. His red satin jacket had gold trim and he is also sporting some stylish satin pants and gold rings adorning his fingers. The doll stands 6-1/2” tall and was made by Celebrity Spoof. It is pictured on the Etsy store accompanied with some other unusual, oddball and downright creepy dolls and figurines!

Etsy Store owner Ellie Leacock says that the bizarre Michael Jackson collectable is in excellent condition and a must-have for Michael Jackson collectors. She’s also selling a Whoppie Goldberg troll doll, who she claims is “cool…but she’s no Wacko Jacko.”

Maybe someone should tell troll-obsessed collector Michelle Kerrins about the Jacko doll – a troll Michael Jackson might be an interesting one to add to her extensive collection and as Leacock points out, “And TROLL collectors? Betcha’ don’t have this one!”





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