Introducing Virginia, The 3-Legged Cat That Adopts & Cares For Shelter’s Kittens

Virginia is a very special cat indeed, because despite having only 3-legs (one of which is paralyzed) and having to walk with a special harness, she takes care of all the kittens to come into the Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas.

A long-haired tabby, Virginia had to have one of her back legs amputated, while the other does not work properly. She also has to wear diapers because she has no bladder or bowl control, yet staff at the cattery say she is a really caring mother for the kittens that come through the shelter doors and will look after them until they are adopted. The especially designed pink walker is helping to strengthen Virginia’s one back leg and staff say that she is making good progress since using it.


Talking about Virginia’s mothering skills, cattery president and cofounder Scott Person said: “She’ll take them and force them to lie down with her while she bathes them, just like a mom would…If they’re misbehaving, she’ll go around and correct them, and she’ll get them out of trouble if they got on top of one of the cat trees.”

The Texas cattery is a cageless shelter and the cats are separated by their age groups. Virginia’s disability means that she isn’t put with the other cats her age, because sometimes their play can be too rough for her. So she has been put with the kittens and has shown herself to be a great mom to the young felines that come through their doors!

Virginia herself is also up for adoption, however Person said it would take a “really special household” to take her in because of her extra care needs. But even if Virginia doesn’t find a family willing to adopt her, the shelter say will always will be welcome there. Person said: “she’s got a great home here, and she’s got a job — to take care of all the little kittens.”

What an incredible, adorable mother moggy!

Source: Catster

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