Vatican Tweets About Batman! Is This Proof That The Dark Knight Is The Church’s Favorite Superhero?

Those of you who are adamant that Batman is the greatest and most revered of all the superheroes the world has to offer can pat yourselves on the back and smile smugly as it seems that the Catholic Church has given him the thumbs up too. On Thursday night one of the Vatican’s primary Twitter accounts tweeted a story about Batman and it also appeared on the Vatican Communications Office website!


Obviously the Vatican don’t usually tweet stories about Batman so it prompted a little bit of confusion and there were serious concerns that the account may have been hacked by a group of highly organized, clandestine Christopher Nolan fanboys.

According to a Vatican spokesman however, we can rest assured that the account is safe from Nolan fanboys, he told the AP that the story was accidently posted by a non-native English speaker within the Communications Office. Hmmm, seems legit.

Image via Ed Pfueller/Catholic University of America

We are speculating that the Batman story might have actually been tweeted by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Judging by the strategic positioning of his cape in this photograph whilst Dolan was giving a speech at the Catholic University of America it’s clear to see that he’s actually a massive Batman fan and probably just wanted to spread the love!

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