How Long Would It Take Your Favorite Vampire Hunter To Destroy Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen and his glittering Twilight Saga vamps have made a lot of enemies over the years, though they are exceptionally popular with teenage girls, fans of the vampire popular culture have an incredible dislike for the whole sparkly lot of them.

This brilliant infograph( see after the jump) from the Cheezburger crew evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the world’s most revered and respected Vampire Hunters and estimates just how long it would take for them to completely obliterate the cursed Cullen!

Coming in at number one is the Vampire Hunter of the future ‘D’ with the graph working out that it would take her just a measly 5 minutes to knock Edward’s block off! Next in line is Selene from Underworld with a respectable 10 minutes, my personal favorite, Buffy Anne Summers takes third place needing just 15 minutes to get rid of him! Blade comes in just behind the top 3, with 20 minutes although we do have to give him some bonus points for appearing in the “Twilight: This is how it should have ended” picture!!

However, I reckon that Van Helsing might be inclined to take a long hard look at himself after seeing the results of this infograph, as it postulates that it would take him an agonizing 4 hours to do the deed. Not exactly impressive dude!!

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