Urinal Games Controlled With Your Pee Heading For U.S. After Securing $700k

UK-based company Captive Media created their pee-controlled, urinal gaming system about a year ago and after successful trials of the technology in the UK, they have secured the $700,000 they need to take their product to the U.S.

Captive Media tested their pee gaming system in pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the UK and it proved to be a hugely popular installation. The company even decided to introduce an online score center to highlight the scores of the most skilled players or pissers if you prefer.

The latest batch of funding comes from 6 groups that include tech investor Mike Ullmann of Prodigy Finance and Cambridge-based technology fund Martlet.

The pee-controlled gaming system consists of a 12-inch LCD screen that is fitted just above the urinal and an infrared beam. New urinals are not required and only minor changes are made to the existing ones so installing the gaming system is a relatively simple procedure.

When a visitor approaches the urinal an advert from one of the 12 ‘PTV’ channels will begin to play on the LCD screen. Once the visitor begins urinating, it will switch to game mode and allow the peeing person to play aptly named games like ‘Clever Dick’ and ‘On The Piste’.

The games are designed to help keep the pee inside the bowl of the urinal and stop it splashing about onto the wall or the floor – something that happens far too often in many drinking establishments.

Captive Media co-founder Mark Melford said:

“Since receiving a huge amount of media attention, we’ve been overwhelmed with enquiries from all over the world. People are responding to the fun, the interactivity and ‘talkability’ of our medium. Through the games and element of competition we’re really putting ‘social’ and outdoor media together for the first time.”

Apparently the company have also been approached by a number of companies interested in advertising on PTV – because according to their research “test promotions with brands have resulted in sales spikes of over 40%”.

If you’re looking to try out Captive Media’s games for yourself, here’s a few places its devices have been deployed so far – The Exhibit Bar, Balham (London); Tabouche, Cambridge; La Sala, Puerto Banus, Spain; Dernier Bar, Paris; Jak’s Bar & Steakhouse, Isle of Man; Jungle Rumble, Bristol and Liverpool; Lainston House, Winchester; and Ogilvy One’s corporate offices in Cabot Square, London.

Captive Media also recently signed a deal with the Generator Hostels chain, with units due to be installed in Copenhagen and Barcelona by the end of the year.

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