Updated Version Of Anonymous Documentary ‘We Are Legion’ Is Released Online

The documentary that follows the amazing story of underground hacking group Anonymous – ‘We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists’ that was made by filmmaking Brian Knappenberger is finally ready and has been released online.

According to filmmaker Knappenberger, one of his biggest problems whilst making the documentary was being able to finish it. Anonymous kept growing, their actions never ceased and so much changed so rapidly in the fascinating world of the underground Hacktivist collective that the filmmaker struggled to wrap up the extraordinary tale!

In an interview with Wired, Knappenberger explained:

“There’s that whole thing where it’s not done, it’s just due…I often wonder if I started the film now if it would have the same feel and tone. Anonymous has changed and evolved a lot. When we started, [former Egyptian President Hosni] Mubarak was still in power, and none of the last 45 minutes of the film had even happened yet.”

Yet regardless of this huge problem he faced, Knappenberger has finally found a way to tie up the documentary and it is now ready for worldwide release. It can now be purchased – DRM-free of course on the We Are Legion website and is also available for purchase on iTunes or on DVD and Blu-ray.

Knappenberger and Anonymous are hoping that the film will help the general public understand a whole lot more about what Anonymous is and the things that they do. It will explain to them who the Fawkes-mask wearing revolutionaries were at the Occupy Wall Street protests and also help them to understand 21st century activism – of which Anonymous are a prime example of.

Since the film celebrates a group who were fervently against SOPA and PIPA (and had a lot to do with getting them quashed) it is fitting that the documentary is being released online and without copyright protections. However Knappenberger did speak to Hollywood about the possibility of distributing ‘We Are Legion’ through more traditional methods and the filmmaker claims he has even turned down a couple of big offers because of their decision to promote the film digitally.

He said;

“A couple of them were kind of painful to walk away from, but I felt like it had to be a digital download with this film.”

Knappenberger, who wrote and directed the film, became increasingly fascinated with Anonymous after they began taking action against banks that banned WikiLeaks, but the tale doesn’t start there, he traces their story way back to their beginnings in 4chan and also explores the history of hacking by looking at groups like Cult of the Dead Cow and Electronic Disturbance Theater.

‘We Are Legion’ features insightful interviews with real Anons, discussing their defense of WikiLeaks, their crusade against Scientology and their political influence in movements like OWS and the Arab Spring uprising.

The documentary was debuted earlier in the year at the Slamdance festival and was shown at numerous other film festivals where it was greatly received. Since then however, it has experienced numerous additions and edits including a whole section about LulzSec-leader ‘Sabu’ who turned FBI informant.

By choosing to turn his back on traditional methods of distribution and release his film digitally, Knappenberger knows he is taking a risk that he won’t recoup his costs. He has said however, that 10% of any profit that ‘We are Legion’ makes will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Source: Wired

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