Unemployed Chicago Woman Tots Up $105,761.81 In Parking Fines!

A single, unemployed mother from Chicago is suing the city of Chicago, her ex-boyfriend and United Airlines for the parking fines of $105,761.81 that she claims have been charged to her unlawfully!

Jennifer Fitzgerald claims that her ex-boyfriend bought the car in question, a used 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo from her uncle in 2008 for $600 and registered the vehicle in her name – without her knowledge!

After the couple split in 2009, he abandoned the vehicle in the parking lot of the O’Hare International Airport and it was there that the Chevy remained for 3 years, totting up thousands of dollars in parking fines!

The vehicle has received 687 parking tickets that amount to more than $105,000 – according to The Expired Meter which reported on the story – it is the highest fine in Chicago’s history!

Fitzgerald told the publication that she was unaware that the car was parked at the airport and is citing the Chicago law that states that any car parked for more than 30 days in a city-owned lot is subject to immediate tow or impoundment. Fitzgerald states that if this law had been followed, then the majority of the hundreds of tickets that the car amassed over 3 years would not have been issued and this is why she is moving to sue the city.

When she first discovered the parking tickets, she claims to have attempted to move the car but failed because she did not have the keys. She then asked the Chicago Police Department for assistance however they did not have access to the lot. Then, in September of 2010, she went to the Illinois Secretary of State to revoke the license plates, however the car continued to collect parking fines.
Fitzgerald was then told to transfer the registration and title to her ex-boyfriend via a judge, but the city deemed that move inadequate. She finally managed to get the car towed on October 26th 2012!!

As a result of the outstanding parking fine, Fitzgerald’s license has been confiscated and the car which was the cause of all her problems, remains in an impound lot.

Luckily, Fitzgerald has managed to find a lawyer who will take her case on for free, and the case will be heard in the spring of 2013.

Source: The Expired Meter

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