Undercover News Report Finds Rat Meat Sold At East London Market

An undercover investigation carried out by British broadcaster the BBC has found that large quantities of “illegal” and “potentially unsafe” meat like cane rats is being sold to the public by traders at the Ridley Road Market, in East London.

Sources told the BBC investigators that the Ridley Road Market was a “hotbed of illicit meat activity” including the illegal sale of “smokies” a delicacy made by charring sheep or goat meat with a blow torch. Well doesn’t that sound yummy, I really want to try that. NOT.

The practice of creating “smokies” is actually outlawed in the UK and under EU food regulations due to fears over public safety and animal welfare.

According to the BBC “It has also been linked to mafia-style gangs in Wales who steal sheep and goats, slaughtering them in unlicensed abattoirs.” WTF!!!!

Mafia-style gangs who steal sheep and goats you say? Well how come I never saw that on the Sopranos?

Two African food stores were filmed selling “bush meat” such as “grass cutter” or “cane rats” that are imported from Ghana where they are considered a delicacy. Man, people have some seriously twisted interpretations of the word, that’s for sure!

When the BBC went back into one of the stores that sold them illegal meat whilst undercover, the owner vehemently denied the sale stating “What you are saying is a lie, a 100% lie, I don’t sell rats.”

However Hackney Council have tried to calm the public after these shocking allegations, stating that they have only received one claim of illegal meat being sold in the area since 2009 and that allegation was unproven.

Hackney Councillor Feryal Demirci said: “Hackney Council’s team of Environmental Health Officers make regular visits and inspections of over 1,000 businesses across the borough, including those on Ridley Road…we take all complaints seriously and we will always investigate fully. Now that we have received some information from the BBC we will look into this and take the appropriate action.”

So Rat-Burger anyone?

(Via BBC)

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