UN Chief Poses With Bono Lookalike & Then Tweets Picture Thinking He’s The Real Deal!

UN chief Vuk Jeremic poses with the Bono lookalike

UN chief Vuk Jeremic poses with the Bono lookalike

A United Nations dignitary was left more than a little bit embarrassed after he met a Bono lookalike, posed for a photo and then tweeted the image, believing that the man he met was actually the legendary U2 frontman!

General Assembly president Vuk Jeremic, 37, is a big fan of the real Bono and in the picture he can be seen posing proudly with the lookalike whilst pulling the traditional Serbian three-dinger salute.

There was no hiding the fact that he’d fallen for a doppelganger either, because he shared the image with his thousands of Twitter followers!

It turns out that Jeremic had actually posed for a picture with Pavel Sfera, who works as professional Bono lookalike.

British businesswoman Sanela Jenkins, whose family hails from Serbia saw the picture and contacted the actual rock star. She said, “I contacted Bono and told him about it.”

Eventually Jeremic’s blunder was exposed by the Serbian press and the UN dignitary confessed that he had actually believed he was standing there with the real U2 frontman!

Serbian-born Sfera markets himself as the world’s number one Bono lookalike and whenever he is out in public, he always appears in Bono garms and getup! He said, “I’m often stopped by fans and it reminds me of how much respect and honor people hold him in.”

Good old Twitter, doing its bit to ensure the entire world finds out whenever anyone of relative importance makes a boo-boo.

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