Two Scammers Eat Donuts Laced With Razor Blades In Idiotic Con!

Smith’s Food Store con
Dollar Tree employees Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman, 39 and Michael Condor, 35, needed a plan. They needed some money quick smart to pay off their respective debts and deciding that the old fashioned way of just working for the cash just wasn’t going to cut it, these two con artists put their minds together to come up with a brilliant scam.

What was their genius idea, I hear you ask? To stuff razor blades into donuts bought from Smith’s Food Store in Draper, Utah, eat them and then claim damages from the company!!

Someone, quickly, give these guys an award – that’s got to be the best money-making scheme, I’ve heard this year! Not.
I understand of course, their intention to plant something unpleasant inside their food and then try to pretend it was already there, countless others have done it before. Some have gotten away with it and pocketed a whole heap of cash, others have not been so fortunate. But why would you choose razor blades of all things? There are plenty of other nasties they could have picked that don’t carry the potential to cause death!! The mind doth boggle!

It will come as no surprise to you that their ill-conceived scam didn’t work out quite as they had planned.

Despite the fact that Smith’s Food Store were suspicious that Leazer-Hardman and Condor’s claims were fake and had an inkling that they were merely trying to pull a fast one, they took all similar donuts off their shelves as a precaution.

The dopey duo also gave one of the razor-filled donuts to a fellow employee (who wasn’t in on their idiotic plan), luckily however the woman managed to get away from the incident with a few cuts to her mouth and did not swallow any of the razor blades.
Our genius grifters were not so lucky, police said that hospital X-rays showed numerous razor blade pieces (because one isn’t enough?) floating around inside the suspects’ stomachs. They said the ingested blades ranged from fingernail size to thumbnail size! Does karma taste like razor blades, I wonder?

According to Draper Police Sgt Chad Carpenter, the duo rang emergency services on Wednesday and stated that they had found sharp metal objects inside foodstuff purchased at Smith’s Food Store.

Detectives set to work investigating their allegations, but it was not long before they noticed some discrepancies in the story. Certainly makes you wonder how they managed to cock up a simple story, it was hardly the plot of Inception!!
Eventually the police managed to get Condor to confess that the whole thing was a scheme that the two had cooked up in order to get a settlement to pay off their debts!

They were then arrested and charged. To add insult to injury, as well as facing the charge of filling a false police report, they are also up for aggravated assault because of the injuries sustained by their co-worker!!

Source: KUTV (Image via KUTV)

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