Two Men Enter Tesco Dressed As Horse & Scream Bloody Murder

Since the news emerged that major British supermarket chain Tesco had been selling burgers that contain horse meat, the parodies and memes have been free-flowing.

This video that features two men dressed in a horse costume entering the Pembroke Dock Tesco in Pembrokeshire, might just be the best of the bunch though.

The guy filming the two men as they trot down an aisle and play dead whilst yelling “murderers” at the top of their lungs, clearly cannot contain his laughter and can be heard giggling furiously throughout the entire clip.

We British folk love our horses dearly and any attempt to make us inadvertently ingest them will punished by our angry admonishment and serious levels of piss-taking. Tesco, you deserve everything you get for this!

Have you seen a better Tesco horse-burger piss-take? Leave a comment and let us know.

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