Twitter Necklace That Displays Your Tweets

For the Twitter fanatic who wants to keep their tweets close to their heart at all times (even when they can’t get a Wifi or 3G on their smartphones) there is now a solution, the Data Necklace created by hacker Stef Lewandowski.

The Data Necklace is a laser-cut, laser-etched acrylic necklace that uses software to display your tweets in a data visualization format.

The software accesses your Twitter account and stores thousands of your tweets, the necklace is made up of 12 beads, each one can represent up to a month of data, so theoretically you could have a necklace that represents a whole year of your twitter activity. You can choose to make this time frame smaller, should you so desire. This software is so advanced that it also has the power to detect your most commonly tweeted words or hashtags.

The video is an interesting little insight as to how the Data Necklace came about and defo worth a watch.

Twitter lovers who want their very own Data Necklaces can order them off the Indiegogo website, but be warned, they aren’t exactly cheap – starting at around $350 each.

More info at

And on their Facebook page

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