Twitter-Lovers Name Their Newborn Baby ‘Hashtag’

According to recent reports, the Jameson couple love Twitter so much that they named their newborn baby daughter ‘Hashtag’!

Despite their obvious nod towards Twitter, the couple announced their child’s arrival and her unusual name on Facebook!

The couple uploaded a picture of the baby to the site with the caption “Hashtag Jameson was born at 10oclock last nite. She weys 8pounds and i luv her so much!!!!”

I have to wonder if the family actually has the surname Jameson, or if that too is a tribute to their favorite Irish whiskey (that they might well have been drinking when they thought up the child’s name).

For people who love social media so much, the couple seem to have done a great job of avoiding having friends who double up as spelling and grammar nazis – if I, or anyone I know posted a message like that, it would have been torn to shreds within seconds of going up!

The Twitterati did not take long to react to the news, starting several hashtags in response to the unusual baby name – like #Foolishparents, #YourParentsHateYou and #StupidestNameEver for example.

The Jamesons (if that is their real name) aren’t the first ones to take a social media inspired name for their spawn. A little while ago a Facebook-loving Egyptian couple called their child ‘Like’. Like that isn’t going to get confusing!!

Some have postured that it might all be part of clever advertising ploy (because of the Whiskey association). However, I find that hard to believe because any advertiser worth their salt would know that the internet doesn’t like stupid spelling mistakes or grammatically incompetent folk, so that caption is a definite no-go!

Others have theorized that the name is not exactly inspired by the social media platform, but rather from “hash” – a slang word for Hashish, which is compressed cannabis resin. They have speculated that calling your child ‘Hashtag’ might well be a decision made under the influence!!

What do you think? Will Baby Hashtag grow up liking her ‘modern’ name or will see be at the Deed Poll office trying to change it the very first chance that she gets? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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