Awesome Instructables: Turning Your Old Nintendo Game Boy Into An Android Gamepad


Do you enjoy playing Nintendo emulators on your smartphone, but like so many, don’t really like controlling your characters via touchscreen? If that is the case, then this awesome instructables from alpinedelta that shows you how to turn an old Nintendo GameBoy into a gamepad controller for an Android smartphone, might just be the answer to your prayers.

Alpinedelta wanted to play Nintendo emulators on his phone and looked at commercially produced solutions to the touchscreen issue, but felt that they didn’t offer him quite enough. Which is why he was inspired to create this GameBoy gamepad. Using a Wii remote as a Bluetooth interface, a Dot Matrix GameBoy’s buttons and shell and the Wii Controller IME app, alpinedelta created this awesome retrotastic controller to play games on his Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

He explains:

“The project is essentially a gutted Game Boy with a Wii remote inside. The tricky part was rerouting the button connections between the two.”

Alpinedelta believes that the fundamentals of his project can be altered to suit pretty much any Android phone or tablet, so it’s not just Nexus owners that will benefit!




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