Turn Your Boring Barbie Into A Weeping Angel

This awesome Weeping Angel statue was made using a bog standard Barbie, some craft foam, a hot glue gun, a little bit of material and some textured spray paint!

It was created by arty blogger Sarah Franz-Wichlacz of the blog wich-crafts because she likes to decorate her home with creatures from Dr. Who.

Weeping Angels – for those of you who don’t know, appear like Romanesque statues – but they are anything but statues and can move super fast when you are not looking at them and even blinking can allow them to get you!! They can be quantum-locked (or frozen in time) when they are forced to look at one another or placed in front of a mirror – which is why Sarah has put hers in front of one!

Dr. Who describes them as one of the most malevolent life-forms ever and that’s saying something because he has come across some pretty nasty things in his time.

And Barbie thought she could be an evil bitch sometimes – she isn’t a patch on these heinous creatures!!

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