Do You Think This Cyberman Is Sad Because He Knows He’s About To Get Eaten?

Awww look at this adorable 3ft (yes that is the size of a child) Cyberman cake created by Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes.

Have you ever seen a Cyberman that looked so sad and upset? Normally the expression plastered all over the Cyberman mug is much more malevolent, heinous and devoid of any kind of human emotion!

Do you think it might be because his little robot brain has already informed him that he is never going to win in his epic battle to defeat the wonderful Doctor Who and to add insult to injury he has been turned into a lowly cake for his sins?

If you plan on being the one to ingest this sad cakey Cyberman, then you will need to make a payment of £760/$1260 to Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes – well no one said that saving the world from robotic alien races was ever going to be cheap!

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