Troll Go For Justin Bieber Fans – With Launch Of ‘Cut For Bieber’ Twitter Campaign (NSFW)


4Chan’s notorious troll nest /b/board launched their latest high profile attack yesterday and it was aimed at Justin Bieber fans once again. A few months ago the 4chan trolls attempted to convince Bieber fans that their icon had cancer and that they should shave their heads to show solidarity to the young heartthrob in his battle against the disease.
This attempt was vaguely successful, so once more the 4chan trolls set their sights on the Bieber fandom. They launched ‘Operation Cut For Bieber” yesterday with a Twitter hashtag that was trending within several hours.

The aim of the game was for fans to cut themselves to stop Justin Bieber from smoking weed. It was recently reported in the press that the “squeaky clean” pop star had smoked a joint, so 4chan ran with this and basically implied he had a drug problem and that fans should cut themselves to make him quit.


“You stop using drugs and we’ll stop cutting. You make this world meaningless and we’ve lost hope,” tweeted @brittanyscrapma, which is believed to be a fake account belonging to one of the 4chan trolls.

Before long hashtags #cutforbieber and #cuttingforbieber had garnered numerous photos that were allegedly from teens and pre-teens who had sliced their wrists and forearms in a bid to get Bieber to quit smoking weed. Whether these photographs are from actual fans that cut themselves or photoshopped fakes from the trolls that started the whole affair as yet remains unclear.

It is a pretty disturbing troll indeed that has caused outrage across the board. Some publications have criticized others for posting “cutting” pictures alongside their articles, however I think if they’ve been trending on a social media platform like Twitter then there is little point trying to shield your readers from them.
I’ll be the first to admit that I am no fan of Justin Bieber and his fanbase can be rather annoying. I can see why they would be a target for a trolling community, but the way in which they went about it is just too twisted for the majority of people – even those who really can’t stand Bieber.


If the trolls had encouraged Bieber’s fanbase to do something silly or ridiculous like, let’s say, write “Please Stop Justin” on their foreheads in permanent marker then I think they might have made less enemies. Encouraging teenagers to cut themselves or indeed saying that he had cancer and getting them to shave their heads is thoroughly twisted and taking things too far. I honestly hope that no Bieber fans fell for it and cut themselves and that all the images were in fact fakes placed by the trolls themselves.

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