Meet Triforce Johnson – The Man Who Takes His Gaming Fandom To New Levels!

New Yorker Triforce Johnson, 35, recently waited nearly two weeks outside the Nintendo World Store in Midtown Manhattan to ensure that he was the first person to get his hands on the new console, the Wii U.
It would be the 8th time that he was at the front of a line for a console release, but now he says it will be his last.
Polygon’s Chris Plante recently carried out an in-depth interview with this self confessed ‘Superfan’ – calling him ‘the world’s most patient gamer’.

The interview looks into how Triforce first fell in love with computer games at the age of 4, after being given a few quarters to play on an arcade game at a grocery store. His father was trying to distract the young boy from wanting to go home because he wanted to continue talking to a friend, so he gave him the quarters and pointed him in the direction of the arcade game cabinet. There Triforce (who was then known as Isaiah Johnson) found the Star Wars game and the rest, as they say, is history.

He found that he had a natural aptitude for playing video games and soon joined a local group of other keen gamers led by a boy called Kevin. The gamers called themselves “Video Land” and they all recognized Triforce’s talent and through their praise and encouragement, his fandom really began taking hold. After a few years, when Triforce was in his mid teens, Kevin moved away and left the group, passing on an iconic Nintendo Power Glove and the mantel of leader of the group to Triforce!

When Triforce met with Plante for the interview, he showed him his passport, the proof that his name is legally ‘Isaiah Triforce Johnson’. He claims that he kept Isaiah because it was easier, but that everyone simply calls him Triforce.

His name comes from his love of the game Legend of Zelda – with Triforce being the precious set of metals that Link needs to defeat his enemy and save the princess.

Later on in life, Triforce went on to form his own collective of video game players – which he called Empire Arcadia. The players train together and then go on to compete at international gaming tournaments – attempting to win prizes and the prestige of being crowned the ultimate players. Triforce’s Empire Arcadia was even the short-lived focus of an MTV series that followed their activities.

In the interview, Triforce elaborates on some little known-facts about waiting in line for console releases, delving into the rules and etiquette of queuing outside the Nintendo store! How he helps keep the peace at the beginning of the queue and how no man is above a toilet break!

He also talks about his gaming den, God’s Arc, where other gamers join him to practice. God’s Arc sounds like a little like frat house, it has a no-females policy, there is no food in the kitchen or toilet roll in the bathroom and fanatics sleep on the floor or on couches and wake up to get more practice in for upcoming tournaments.

You can read more from the interview with Triforce Johnson here.

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