Tricks & Tactics To Help You Open Your Beer Bottle Without An Opener

We’ve all been in that terrible situation before when you are having a couple of drinks with some mates and you can’t find a bottle opener. Whether it’s at a crowded house party and the bottle opener has gone for walkies – probably in an absent-minded person’s pocket, or if you are outdoors somewhere drinking by the beach or similar locale that is not equipped with a utensils drawer!

So what do you do? Do you panic and get all weepy? Or do you risk hefty dental bills by cracking open the bottle with your teeth?

Neither of these ideas will do you any good. Trust me, it’s just not worth trying to do it with your teeth, (I learnt that one the hard way) and there is no need to cry, because Household Hacker have put together this awesome video with a few simple tricks that could solve your problems and help you get into that cold, frothy beer with ease!

They’ve got counter top trick, the age-old lighter tactic, how to open a beer with another beer, the key maneuver and there is even a way to open a bottle with a dollar bill that I have never come across before!

If after watching this video, you still don’t feel confident that you would be able to access your beer in a bottle-openerless situation, don’t worry, there is still hope for you. You could always get this awesome bottle opener ring from, I’ve worn mine for the best part of decade and it has helped me get into one or two bottles over the years!

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