Transformers Wedding Cake By Marie Porter

Award winning Minnesota cake artist Marie Porter, broke her ‘no more wedding cakes’ rule to create this wonderfully geeky Transformers wedding cake for two of her good friends who recently tied the knot.

The couple, Carrie and Otha didn’t want a traditional wedding cake (why would you, they are soooo boring) and so they approached their good friend Porter and asked her to come with something a little bit different.

Otha is an accomplished comic book artist and provided Porter with some intricate sketches of how he wanted the infamous Optimus Prime, lording it atop the cake, on one knee, instead of a ring box though, Prime would be holding a Matrix of Leadership instead. If you are going to geek out on your big day, you might as well do it properly!

Not being a massive Transformers fan herself, Porter sought out advice from her friends who reside in all corners of geekdom. The advice that she kept on hearing was “do not make anything Michael Bay related!”

She picked the brains of the fans of the cartoon series and decided on having Optimus Prime perched gracefully atop the dome (well, half-dome for reasons of balance) of Cybertron!

The Transformers cake went down a treat with the happy couple and all the guests at the wedding, but the bad news for those of you who fancy a bit of Transformer cake for your own weddings – Porter definitely won’t be taking any more orders!

(Via Celebration Generation)

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