Introducing Tom Pavelka & His Awesome Credit Score of 848 From 850

Tom Pavelka from Westlake, Ohio has one of the highest credit scores in the whole of the U.S with a whopping 848 out of a possible 850!

The 56-year-old owns a 3,000-sqaure-foot home, has a good government job, a couple of British sports cars (and some other nifty vehicles) and has been married to wife Helga for 25 years.

He claims that he has never been overly concerned about his credit rating, but has made efforts to pay his bills on time and spend within his means. The news about his high score came in a letter that he recently received from the credit bureau after signing up for a new card.

The letter also informed Pavelka that his score “ranks higher than 100 percent of U.S. consumers.”

Ranking higher than 100% of U.S consumers makes Pavelka something of a financial anomaly, but Fair Isaac spokesman Anthony Sprauve explained that it doesn’t mean Pavelka’s score is the highest in the country – though it is up there at the top end of the 90s, it was probably just rounded up to 100%.

Rod Griffin, director of public education for Experian whose company provided the basis for Pavelka’s score said:
“It’s almost impossible to have a perfect credit score. If you use credit and you have debt, there’s always some risk you will not be able to repay it.” Ok, so perfect is nearly impossible, but Pavelka is pretty damn close!

Pavelka says that the reason he has managed to obtain such as high scoring is because he sticks to a few simple rules when spending, they are; never charge something without having something to show for it, never spend money without knowing when you can repay it and pay your bills on time. He also cites a lack of children as one of the reasons that he has been able to live within his means – we all know how expensive kids can be!

By all accounts, Pavelka likes to splash his cash, he regularly dines out at nice restaurants, has a big TV, a gorgeous home, vanity plates for many of his sports cars, however one thing is very clear, this man is incredibly financially shrewd!

He said: “I don’t like being called frugal…I like to spend money. I just do it wisely.”

You can read more details about Pavelka’s story here.

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