Tom Bingham’s Fantastic Star Wars Inspired Guitars

Retired printer Tom Bingham from Corby, UK, has an awesome hobby, he makes fantastic customized Star Wars and sci fi themed guitars using scrap bought from car boot sales!

Bingham, 64, can spend months on the awesome creations and now has a collection of more than 20 instruments including a Millennium Falcon electric guitar and Jedi Anakin Fighter guitar. I guess that’s one way to play a Han Solo (sincerest apologies for that terrible pun, I just couldn’t help it).

Music fanatic Bingham, said he looks at the whole world as though it can be “turned into a guitar” and as well as his epic Star Wars creations, he’s got a range of other instruments inspired by or created from strange objects like a vinyl record guitar, chessboard guitar and a cricket bat guitar!

Bingham said; “I like Star Wars and I like other sci-fi stuff too. I saw a picture of a Millennium Falcon on the internet years ago and did my own version. I use a replica and attach a neck to it. With the Falcon I even put flashing LED lights in the back. It lights up blue in the dark, it gives it a hyperdrive look. The kids love it.”

His quirky creations have attracted much attention over the years and he’s received numberous offers to buy them from all over the world, but he refuses to part with his precious masterpieces, insisting that they are not for sale and that he’s not “tempted by any offers of money.”

Source: The Sun

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