Tokyoflash Launch Kisai Intoxicated Watch That Tells You If You’re Over The Drink/Drive Limit!

Check out the new Kisai Intoxicated watch from Tokyoflash that has an in-built breathalyzer that can tell the user if they are over the drink drive limit or if they are safe to get in their vehicle and toddle off home!

All you need to do is blow into the sensor and wait for the LCD to change color. Green means you are sober and good to go, yellow means you are buzzed and red is well and truly over the limit. It even has a mini-game so that you can test your reflexes if you really want to be sure!

Most normal, rational people would agree that drink driving is for asshats and shouldn’t be done, but some people who want to or need to drive like to have a couple of beverages and still drive home. With this watch, those peeps can have peace of mind as to whether they are safe to get behind the wheel or should probably ask the barstaff to summon a taxi.

As someone who managed a pub for many years, I often had people coming up to me and asking me questions like “I had two beers a couple of hours ago, do you think I’m over the limit?” and similar variations that are impossible to answer because people metabolize alcohol differently and there are too many variables to consider!

This watch could be really darn useful in situations like that! Luckily I failed my driving test several times (all part of a clever plan so that I never have to be the designated driver), but it could prove a handy tool for many others!

Tokyoflash are selling the watch at a discounted rate of $99 during its first 48hours of sale, so if it sounds like a gadget you need in your life, hurry on over to their website!

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