“Tokyo Compression” The Michael Wolf Photographs That Capture Tokyo’s Train Overcrowding!

“Tokyo Compression Three” is the latest in an ongoing series of photographs taken by Hong Kong based photographer Michael Wolf. The “Tokyo Compression” series captures the essence of Tokyo’s overcrowded trains – it shows commuters pushed up against glass or other barriers, sweating and uncomfortable in their confined spaces.

The first two books of the “Tokyo Compression” series by Wolf are out of print, but the recently released “Tokyo Compression Three” is available to purchase on Amazon.

Wolf’s focus on his subjects in their ‘compressed’ state highlights the discomfort, pressure and claustrophobic feelings that are often experienced by people who travel on the subways in metropolises like Tokyo during the rush hour. It is a project that anyone from a major city with a rail network can identify with, an artistic projection of all the things we have felt when we have been in that position ourselves!

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