Toddler Swiping Golden Eagle Video Is A Hoax

eagle snatched kid

There is a lot of mysticism surrounding eagles, especially those of the golden variety. In the story books giant eagles carry young adventurous children on fantastical adventures and we all remember what they did for Frodo and Samwise in LOTRs. We all know that they are beautiful, powerful creatures with massive wingspans and that their talons have amazing strength. In fact, the talons of golden eagle can exert up to 750 pounds of pressure per square inch when they are grasping at their prey. That’s about 15 times the pressure that a human hand can exert!

So when this video of a golden eagle swooping in trying to nab a toddler and make off with it starting doing the social media rounds, it wasn’t inconceivable that it could be actual footage.

However it seems as though the jury is out and the video is definitely a fake. It isn’t just a fake though, it’s a fake that has got conservationists and experts really rather wound-up!

Bird experts have informed us that the huge winged beast in the clip isn’t even an actual golden eagle!!

A post on Ohio’s Black Swamp Observatory’s Facebook page states:

“We want you to know that the video is a fake. This kind of publicity does so much damage to birds and we hope that if you see the video posted that you will inform people that it is not real.”

If that’s not enough to seal the deal for you, bird expert and conservationist Kenn Kaufmann said that the golden eagle rarely visits the Montreal area where the footage was allegedly shot. He believes that it is clearly a fake using a falconer’s bird and what is probably a fake toddler for the distance shots. He said; “With all the ignorance about nature that’s out there already, the last thing we need is this kind of stupid garbage.”

Non-bird experts have also been quick to jump on the debunking bandwagon, YouTuber Cyatek put together this short clip that seeks to highlight errors in the CGI animation.

So folks, there are definitely no toddler stealing golden eagles in the Montreal area, but at least Toronto still has the IKEA Monkey and his trendy jacket – he definitely wasn’t a hoax!

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