Tiny Speck’s MMO Glitch Announces Closure Date

Browser-based MMO Glitch which was developed by Vancouver’s Tiny Speck has announced that it has not attracted a large enough audience to sustain itself and will be closing down.

In an emotional letter addressed to players and fans posted on their website, Tiny Speck has said that the Glitch game-world will cease to exist on December 9th 2012.

A large number of the Tiny Speck team – which were originally made up of the people behind the successful image hosting service Flickr will be made redundant after the closure.

The game was launched last September but has encountered a number of problems since its inception.

The team cites “prevailing technological trends” as the reason behind the closure, stating that “the movement towards mobile and especially the continued decline of the Flash platform on which Glitch was built” are factors in why the game would never succeed.
They said that “Glitch was very ambitious and pushed the limits of what could be done in a browser-based game … and then those limits pushed back.”

They will be offering refunds on all Glitch purchases made within the last year and the website details how consumers can go about getting their money back. Tiny Speck will continue to operate but as a much smaller team working on applications outside of the gaming industry.

The letter describes the decision to shut Glitch down as “heartbreaking” and apologizes to fans and players for letting them down.

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