Time To Put Our Political Differences Aside And Tackle Climate Change

For far too long being concerned about climate change and the damage being done to our earth by our 200-year long addiction to fossil fuels has been associated primarily with left-wing or liberal political views. Often people from conservative or republican leanings are too keen to dismiss these fears as the unproven rantings of lefty-environmentalists. But slowly things are changing, more and more people, from different sides of the political spectrum are starting to accept that climate change is happening and we have to take action before it is too late.

That is why essays like the one written by Minneapolis meteorologist Paul Douglas are so very important. His essay, which was featured on Climate Progress, argues that tackling climate change should be embraced by governments globally regardless of their political orientation. He said that climate change is very real and needs to be addressed and cites several reasons why it can no longer be denied, discredited or ignored. He said:

“Carbon that took billions of years to form has been released in a geological blink of an eye. Human emissions have grown significantly over the past 200 years, and now exceed 27 billion tons of carbon dioxide, annually. To pretend this isn’t having any effect on the 12-mile thin atmosphere overhead is to throw all logic and common sense out the window. It is to believe in scientific superstitions and political fairy tales, about a world where actions have no consequences – where colorless, odorless gases, the effluence of success and growth, can be waved away with a nod and a smirk. No harm, no foul. Keep drilling.”

A successful entrepreneur, he calls on America to ‘let the market work’, he thinks that instead of trying to deny the impact that climate change is clearly having on our world, our energy should be focussed on trying to innovate and bring about the use of greener, eco-friendly power. If this is done, he claims, there is no reason why financial profit and growth cannot go hand in hand with this progress. However, Douglas points out that political change is necessary in order for this to become a reality.

“Amazingly, America already has the technology and creative minds necessary to ensure future growth and more jobs, without treating Earth like a battered ATM card. We can tackle this problem, like we’ve tackled every other problem in our nation’s history. But do we have the political will? Our political system is broken, utterly incapable of dealing with long-term threats. Compromise is seen as weakness; our natural resources put at risk by political paralysis. Will getting serious about climate change require a third political party: a pro-jobs, pro-clean-energy Common Sense Moderate Middle – to prove that America can move forward and thrive, without trashing the land and air we value? Perhaps.”

Douglas is a voice of reason and his message should be shouted from rooftops. Too long have political agendas overshadowed the very real threat that the human race is facing from climate change and global warming. It is a cancer that is polluting our earth; freak storms, record temperatures, increasing humidity and flash-floods are just the beginning –political parties around the world need to see it like that and act now.

You don’t hear political debates about trying to find a cure for cancer, you don’t have one side trying to trash the other side’s belief that cancer is a global killer and we should do everything within our power to find a cure. That is why I have made this analogy, because the sooner that our governments – regardless of whether they are republican or democrat, liberal, left-wing or conservative accept this, the sooner we can start making real steps towards fighting climate change.

BoingBoing.net’s Maggie Koerth-Baker highlights some of the many reasons why articles like the one written by Douglas are so very important. She said;

“We look at the world in different ways. We come by our values for different reasons. But even though we might take different paths, we can come to some of the same places. Let’s respect that. And let’s have those conversations. Climate change is about facts, not ideologies. It’s about risks that affect everyone. We need to do a better job of discussing climate change in a way that makes this clear. And that means reaching out to people with language and perspectives that they can identify with.”
In conclusion, Douglas quotes an old Native America saying in his essay and for me it sums up his argument brilliantly, it is: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors…we borrow it from our children.”

Outdated views and opinions need to change now, if we are to pass on a world to them that isn’t sick, diseased, polluted and dying…

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