“This Is Madness” – Epic Online Star Wars Tournament Between The Light & The Dark Sides!

There are sooooo many characters from the Star Wars saga that hold a place in our hearts. From some of the most admirable heroes to ever grace popular culture, to some of the most detestable and reviled villains, the Star Wars saga is simply bursting with unforgettable characters from both the Light and the Dark sides of the fight.

If you’ve ever wondered who was the most popular character from the Star Wars Universe, then you might well be interest in the new online “This Is Madness” competition. Every day, two characters from the Light and Dark sides will be pitted against one another – he/she/it who receives the most votes will progress to the next round, until eventually the ultimate winner is crowned!!

In the first round, the winners are pretty obvious, Han Solo was always going to beat Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker was pretty much guaranteed to get more votes than Wedge Antilles. In much the same way over on the Dark side, there was never any doubt that Darth Vader would simply crush General Grievous with the power of the vote. But the next round will get more interesting and there might be some surprises for the books!!

It is a little like a sci-fi version of the NCAA Basketball Tournament ‘March Madness’ and the final results will be out on April 9th 2013. Make sure you check back every day to cast your vote and ensure that your favorite characters make it through to the next round!!

Even though, Vader himself is no big fan of democracy, he has created this promotional video in order to convince you to get involved and vote for him if you don’t fancy having your neck crushed!

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