This Is How A Gamer Couple Cuddle

Reddit user MountCleverest and his girlfriend wanted to cuddle. But they also wanted to play Diablo III too. So they came up with this solution, “simply set your computers face to face, lock legs, and voila!” oh! and don’t forget the ironing board.

Notice how the girl gets the Desktop computer…and MountCleverest gets the laptop. Get it? LAPtop.

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  • Apoc

    Technically speaking, shouldn’t she be the one using the ironing board?

    • Bakeca Roma

       guess you’re right. but I don’t get it why they’re wearing clothes

  • Neck Ties

    Looks like could be a bit more than cuddling.

    • Kalli

       If those shorts were any shorter

  • Weaver2

    These people have no shame!  How embarrassed would you be to post a photo of yourself playing Diablo 3?  What an abysmal clusterfuck of a game.

  • S. E. Roberts

    Mind running wild, if this is cuddling, wonder what making love is….. never mind.